I started making my kimono dress when a wedding invitation found its way onto our cork board. Seeing that I only have five days until the wedding, I thought that I would just wear the kimono dress. I realized that the color of the wedding is green when I checked the invitation closely. The fabric that I’m using for the kimono dress is lime green and I have this thing against blending in when it comes to color-coordinated weddings.

Flipping over my sketchpad, I found a design that was inspired by this pattern: 

My version is in a retro-inspired fabric of dark brown with blue and cream oval(ish) prints.  Between YM conferences with friends in Cagayan de Oro, Dubai, and Manila, I was able to sew my dress. The only thing left to do now is to attach the zipper and hem it. It’s clear that I got a little bit crazy with the ruched part of the bottom because my dress is puffier than this one here.  But my ribbon is not as perfect as this. Huh.

Earlier in the day, before sewing the dress, I burned the floor tiles of Ayala looking for a pair of shoes that would go perfectly with the fabric. Alas, it seemed that the Stiletto Goddesses were not with me. I would find a wonderful pair only to find out that the boutique does not have anything in my size. This happened FOUR TIMES. At the nth store, Uzi started to doubt the logic behind buying a new dress, a new pair of shoes, and a new purse everytime we have to attend a wedding. I guess this is a concept that no man will ever understand.

Despite the agony I caused him, Uzi still made me my favorite spicy noodles with egg for dinner. Yay.

I tried with all my might to get the recipe but, apparently, it’s a secret. It’s probably just a simple dish but I’m a sucker for all things sprinkled with curry powder. Yum. And Uzi loves cooking for me, so…