My boyfriend is an artist and he needed something to keep his brushes organized. Before I met him, he used a rubber band. Good thing we started dating. *wink wink*

This roll is a spin-off of your standard knitting needles roll. I simply added a sling because my boyfriend loves his free hands. Uh, that’s what he told me. I also used interfacing because he wanted a stiff roll.

– Fabric of different colors / designs. Cut 13 x 17 of each.
– Interfacing. Cut 13 x 11. This is 6 inches shorter than the roll fabrics.
– Gross grain for sling. Cut according to your preferred length.
– Ribbon for lock. I replaced that green ribbon with the leather cord below. Something brown looks better with my red flower-y fabric.

1) Pile fabrics for sewing, right sides together. Interfacing is 6 inches shorter because you will have to fold the fabric to make pockets for your paintbrushes.

Read the rest of the tutorial HERE.