Uzi is still painting and changing concepts midstream. His paintbrushes, acrylic tubes, palettes (CDs/DVDs that we no longer use), rags, and laptop have taken over my room. Seeing as I no longer have room to cut fabric for dresses and other big projects, I’ve settled on making small things.  This is a good thing because I’ve always wanted to make such wee little stuff as

fabric book marks

dolls and softies [inspired by this, and this]



and scrunchies

I guess I will have to make scrunchies first. My hair falls to my waist and Uzi’s is about two inches shorter than mine. There should be a study done on the speed with which we use up scrunchies.

Regarding the title… I have this nasty back pain, possibly a result of my nightly sewing. How do I make it go away? My only solution is to avoid Lorelai Gilmore, stay in bed for days, and finish this book:


The only problem with this is that the period of the story is making me want to sew all lovely pieces of clothing and accessories famous in 1899.

And it just entered my already muddled head to COLLECT SEWING KITS. I commend myself for being strong enough and staying away from this Hello, Kitty sewing kit being auctioned off on eBay.

Well. I will check it again tomorrow.