One of the best things about spending summers at my Grandma’s house was the weather. The sky would be the bluest of blues, bringing out the crisp colors of the red gumamela flowers. There would always be a comforting breeze flirting with the grass and painting the rice fields all shades of green.

The mornings would be so cold and pure that it’s possible to be filled with hope just by looking at a single dewdrop. Here and there, the still river would be covered with cottony fog. And if you take a slow boat ride right before the sun and the horizon greet each other a good day, you would feel like you’re floating in the clouds. These tiny drops of water, in the air or on leaves, add up to my ultimate love for rain.

And since rainy days are here, I figured that it would be the perfect time to make cozy jackets. I headed over to Vogue and found these cute designs:



They’d be perfect for covering these skin rashes that the cold weather has brought me.