There are many things to hate about living in a third world country. One of which is not having access to wonderful items that would make my crafting life very easy.

I would love to get my hands on Amy Butler fabrics, japanese craft books, FABRI-TAC(!), embossing powder, etching powder, Mod Podge, and lotsa other things.

Imagine my utter delight when I saw a fabric at Gaisano South that looked like Amy Butler’s “lime peel” fabric. It’s very beautiful and I bought it for this dress that Chin’s friend asked me to make. I am actually hoping that she wouldn’t like the dress so that I can keep it. Oh, how silly.

If she decides to keep it, I’ll still have some scraps left, enough for a tote bag. I can live with that.  

I had only five hours of sleep last night and here I am, bored and just about ready to doze off.  I could use a slice or two of this:


I can just imagine all the things I could do with a bottle of fabri-tac.