There are times when your whole world is reduced to one simple definition. A single word can encompass everything about a person. Mother. Singer. Happy. Alone. Contented. Uncertain.

Then there are times when one thing can represent all the things that you are and all the things that you want to be. A single thing can give your life meaning, display you to the world in a certain light. There are moments when one item can contain your whole life. A cup of coffee. A tattoo. A car. A mobile phone. A book.

For times when all you need is a book, I made a tote bag perfect for paperbacks. It has enough space for change, keys, a credit card, or an eyeglass case (for me). 

It is a bag for whiling away in a coffee shop, with your legs curled up in an unfamiliar cushion and claiming it home as shapeless minutes pass. It is a bag for willingly losing yourself in other worlds and tasting other lives as reality moves away hazily from your surroundings.

It is a bag for rediscovering the magic of stories as pages, old or new, crinkle, and crinkle again under your steady fingers.

I will make more. I have decided that it wouldn’t be so bad to pattern my life after all the shapes and things that can contain a book. It would be quite lovely, actually. 

*this bag was a gift for Chin.