It’s a “New Dress Friday!” I finished my empire dress last night and I am wearing it right now, with tailor’s chalk marks and all. I love this dress for two reasons. One is that this is the first item of clothing that I made without botching the zipper. That’s putting it mildly because the zipper of this dress is perfectly sewn. I remember having this conversation with Uzi when I finished attaching the zipper:

Me: Remember how I used to hate sewing zippers? Well, I’m an expert now! BWAHAHAHA!

Uzi: Hahaha. Silly girl. You used to sulk and jump around because you didn’t know how to sew them.

Me: I know! Now I think zippers rock. But you, of course, are the rockingest of all.

The second reason is that all materials for this dress cost me less than P100. The fabrics are scraps but they are not of low quality. The final dress is actually classy enough to be worn for a night party. Dresses like this in stores would cost P700-1200.

Picture time! These were taken using my camera phone. I was not able to ask Uzi to take pictures because he was doing some painting stuff.

I look fat in the second picture. I don’t care. I’m a happy little girl with my pretty little dress.

If I could whistle, I would.