There is no telling how a day can go downhill when it is moving along just fine. My day is already ruined. To lift my spirits up, I will try to list all fun things I did last week.

1. I had a dessert date with Uzi at Ice Castle. The name suggests that it is a dessert place. Well, no. They serve meals! Call me silly but that place is weird. Uzi had special halo-halo and I had a banana split. We were at migraine-inducing heaven. Of course, I voiced out my plans to buy banana split dishes. I would love a set of this:

A banana split dish shaped like a banana! Cracks me up. I would also love this: paired with this:  (for Uzi, the sundae boy).

2. We bought drawers and rearranged/organized my room.  We dragged my “vanity table slash book shelf slash mess repository device” to the place beside my sewing machine table and freed up one wall. The wall is now Uzi’s, a mini-studio of sorts for his painting projects. We removed the books from the shelves and placed them in the new drawers. Then I placed my fabrics in the shelves. I love seeing my fabrics all folded neatly and organized according to color. Here are Rubber Duckie and his friends.


They were laughing their asses off, commenting how Uzi and I need exercise and are unprepared for days when lugging furniture around is a must.

They were right. We need exercise. We haven’t had soda in almost three weeks but we are far from healthy.


3. I bought books. RSO Robinson’s is having a closing out sale and I plan to go back for more books. This is me trying to compensate for the fact that I have managed to finish only five books this year. Yes, FIVE. It’s a shame. I used to finish five books in one month! Well, now I have Tennessee Williams and L.M. Montgomery to keep me entertained.