1. Sewing magazines. Books on sewing. Sketchpads. Uzi’s Heavy Metal Magazines.

2. Tool box

3. Drawer for threads, organized according to color. Top drawer has buttons and other locks and fasteners.

4. Coin bank. It’s empty.

5. Corkboard. That green thing was a card I made for Uzi. That puzzle-shaped frame has Uzi’s naked baby photo. My passport pic covers his stuff. Heehee.

6. Book thongs and earrings

7. Drawers for ribbons, trimmings, and other notions

8. Bag for fabric scraps

9. Scissors, pens, cutter, ripper, French Curve, glue sticks, etc.

10. Diaper Dude

11. Lorelai Gilmore

12. Rack for book bags and other bags