Between 12 noon and 5:30 PM, my room is an oven. The afternoon sun shines directly in it and if I draw the curtains, I feel suffocated. Despite this unfavorable condition, I spent last Saturday afternoon in my room to sew my shirred maroon blouse. I just discovered the magic that is elastic thread and I was ready to make a lot of shirred items.

My blouse did not turn out the way I wanted it to. At around three in the afternoon, I dropped it in frustration, ran out of the room, switched the living room fan on, sat on the sofa, and sulked. Apparently, what I did was funny. Uzi followed me down to the living room to comfort me. While he was telling me that I sew great things, he tried his best not to giggle at my childish display.

Oh, well. I wish I looked at this painting last Saturday. Watercolors are calming.


Uzi, the dude who tried not to laugh at my misery, painted this. I love it.

Now, I want to go home and reconstruct the living daylights out of that botched blouse.