I set aside the blue dress and decided to sew the green bedspread instead. The bottom skirt will be circular, with floral trims. However, I don’t know what neckline to give the dress. These grainy pictures will prove that I am kinda aiming for a halter look, but I have no idea which way to go.



Looking at these pictures, I realized that:

1) I need a small notebook/sketchpad that I can take anywhere I go so that I can write down or draw my ideas easily. My huge sketchpad at home is not ideal for carrying around.

2) My drawings suck. HAHA.

3) I need time to figure out how to sew an empire waistline with a V-shaped neck. Where does the seam go???

We were watching Friends last night. Rachel wore this really cute dress. The fabric was brown. It had pinkish, greenish flower prints, kinda like the bra I was wearing. I want cute fabrics. Where do I get them? I don’t wanna order online because, well, this is a third world country.

Oh, well.