This was the dress I made when I got the spools of thread from my lovely friends.


I used: 1) About 2 meters of gray fabric. It’s a fabric used for office uniforms. 2) Matching thread. 3) Floral scraps from an old pair of pajamas.


1) Take body measurements (chest, bust, length, waist, hips) and divide by four. Add several inches depending on how you want the dress to fit. Cut fabric, using the pattern below. The red line is where you fold the fabric for symmetrical pieces. Simply trace the pattern to the other side when you’re done with one side. The sleeves area of the back part looks different. This makes the dress sexier.

2) Cut 2 pocket pieces. Measurement would depend on how big you want them to be.


3) Sew dart. Front piece only.

4) Seam sleeves. Remember: Snip before folding, for a cleaner finish.

5) Attach zipper. Sew sides together.

4) Fold necklines and sew, leaving allowance for the string to pass through. [String: you can make one out of the same fabric as the dress or use ribbon or other available strings.]

5) Sew POCKET:

a) Sew a 2-inch strip of floral (or not) fabric to the top part of the pocket. This would be the green area on the illustration.

b) Fold along the pink lines (see illustration) and sew to front part of dress.

6) Hem dress.

7) Insert string through the gap on the necklines. Tie at the side.

8) DONE!

Sadly, gray does not agree with my skin color. ;-)

Happy sewing!