Oh, what a cheesy title.

My boyfriend harassed [;)] our friends into giving me spools of thread for my birthday. And they did! I will post a picture of those lovely spools soon. I love them. I spent hours organizing them in my little sewing drawer/organizer thing. *Sigh*

Interestingly, no one bought a spool of white thread. Isn’t that weird? This must be something that statistics can answer. I’m not willing to come up with the formula or explanation, though.

Promptly, I took out a plain gray fabric and began making a dress. The commencement was somewhat arduous because our cat, Ty, wanted to “help.” I would lay the fabric on the floor, and slowly, he would creep up and poke the neatly folded cloth. He would walk all over, lie down on one corner, and roll. If he weren’t so cute…Thankfully, he realized that the door to my room was open and slept under my bed.

[Going off a tangent:  Upon waking up, our cat plopped unto our couch where Uzi was sleeping. Ty used Uzi’s right leg as pillow and slept again. My boyfriend couldn’t resist how cute Ty was and petted him. After a minute, Uzi shifted on the couch because he got tired. When he tried to pet Ty again, he got scratched. Yes, the cat is evil.]

Thanks to Vet, Chin, Line, Cel, Juliet, Bridgitte, Hazel, Ley, and CY for the spools of thread.

And thanks to Uzi for making (with his mom’s help) me the cutest little pin cushion. We call him The Diaper Dude and I love him. The Diaper Dude because he’s made out of fabric diaper. And somewhere in Uzi’s house is a pillow who’s missing some innards. He was so cute that I bit his little head when Uzi gave him to me. Heehee. Last night, I found out that it’s a lot of fun to stick pins on his crotch area. The Diaper Dude’s, not Uzi’s.


The Diaper Dude (I love him. I made a song for him.)




Thanks! :)