I finished my blouse the other night. The plan was to make it look like a pinafore. Kinda similar to the ones sold at Bayo. However, it turned out to be one simple sleeveless blouse. It didn’t reach its pinafore-like glory due to the following reasons: 1) I was saving on fabric, 2) I wanted to show off my curves. Haha the second reason is crap. I just wanted enough of the fabric for another project. :p

 Here is the tutorial. If anyone is interested.

You will need: about a meter of fabric, bias tape for piping, decorative buttons.

 1. Measure chest, bust, length of blouse. Cut the pieces above. If this is too hard, you can just take a favorite sleeveless blouse and use it as a pattern.

2) Sew dart of front part.

3) Sew shoulders of front and back pieces together.

4) Attach bias tape to neckline and sleeve ends.


Sew (pink line) bias tape on wrong side of the blouse. Snip edge carefully. Then, turn over the biast tape onto the right side. Sew.

 5) Sew sides of blouse. Sew zipper along one side.

6) Sew hem.

7) Attach buttons to front middle part of blouse for decoration.

8) DONE yay!

 *sigh* Yes, it’s really simple. Picture of the finished blouse coming soon. I know the Paint illustrations are ghastly but I like them. They remind me of the doodles I made on our newly painted walls when I was four. And no, I will not learn Photoshop in order to make better tutorials. :D